Compassion in Action: Parish Ministry Training is a program designed to prepare, equip and guide a parish to engage in a sustainable, on-going, actively engaged Compassion in Action ministry. For parishes already engaged in an active ministry of compassion, here is a way to strengthen your ministry, further equip and encourage the laity’s involvement and skill level, support the priest, and ensure long-term viability and sustainability.


Why Organize A Ministry? 

Shouldn’t a parish and its members spontaneously engage in acts of compassion? Why organize? In many cases, individuals with exceptional gifts of compassion, mercy and caring do engage in significant ministry to the hurting, inside and outside of the parish. But they often minister individually, without on-going training and support. Further, parishes may respond, at least for a time, when a member’s need is obvious. But inconsistency can cause confusion and hurt for those overlooked. Our heritage includes establishing the first hospices, hospitals and orphanages in the world. These activities required planning, organizing and training to ensure longevity.

Does My Parish Need This Program?

As Orthodox parishes, we are called to proactively help our wounded brothers and sisters by offering our presence, caring and listening ear.


Is Training Really Needed?

Training provides an adequate skill-level for care givers, which instills confidence and helps reduce the possibility of causing damage. The need for the development of Compassion in Action: Parish Ministry Training, with accompanying guidance, has been recognized and expressed by clergy, faithful, deaneries and even dioceses over several years. Our Metropolitan recognizes and encourages this type of ministry in our parishes.

Compassion in Action: Parish Ministry Training


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