Looking For a Way to Help the Hurting?

If you or your parish is looking for a way to offer a ministry of caring to the hurting, the lonely, or anyone in a significant life situation, consider the ministry training available to OCA parishes.



Compassion in Action: Parish Ministry Training offers the faithful of Orthodox parishes a way to actively serve in a ministry of compassion. The training guides a parish through exploring and preparing, identifying key leaders, engaging the parish and the council, ministry implementation and maintenance, and planning for long-term viability beyond the original volunteers.

Importantly, Compassion in Action: Parish Ministry Training includes on-site critical skills instruction by experienced trainers. Training and on-going support entail a partnership of clergy and faithful in a ministry at the critical life junctures of people. A parish’s Compassion in Action ministry is the fruit of the “marriage” between the priest and the flock.



Compassion in Action: Parish Ministry Training provides the parish priest with tools, resources and on-going guidance to oversee, support and lead on-going peer supervision for the laity team engaged in a ministry of compassion.




Parishes are led through a process of exploration to discover the variety of ministries of compassion that are possible. Time is spent examining the most pressing needs both within and outside of the parish. Parishes are guided along the journey to listen to ideas and concerns, select and implement a ministry focus, acquire feedback, adjust, and maintain a ministry to the hurting.


Compassion in Action: Parish Ministry Training


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